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Zero THC -  Zero High - Zero Taste





Our THC free Hemp derived CBD Oil is produced using a 100% solvent free non-chemical CO2 extraction process, producing the purest product with maximum potency and efficacy.

Each product is created with 100% natural and organically grown oils with zero THC, no heavy metals, toxins or pesticides, and are non-GMO.

Every 30 mL bottle of our CBD Oil is infused with Organic Coconut Oil . 100% natural, no artificial flavoring, only the bare essentials.

Please note: 

**Consult your physician if you have a medical condition or are taking any medication.


We also recommend that you visit the Drug Interactions Checker on Medscape. Simply type in the name of the drug and then type the word Cannabidiol to check for any known drug interactions. 


Four strength levels :

  • Platinum Label-3000

3,000mg (For those who know their CBD dose and have severe high dose requirements)​

100mg per full dropper

  • Gold Label-1000

1,000mg (Ideal for larger body types or those who have found their own CBD sweet-spot and want to maximize their budget!)​

33.3mg per full dropper

  • Green Label-500

500mg (our most popular potency)

16.6mg per full dropper

  • Blue Label-250

250mg (perfect for smaller individuals and pets) ​​

8.3mg per full dropper


Being non-psychoactive, Hemp CBD is a great choice for CBD users who do NOT want the “high” associated with other CBD products. Learn more about CBD Safety Here