What's the right dose for me?


When starting with CBD oil, you may find less is more. Start by finding your starting dose using Condition Level 2 on the following chart based on your body weight. Your starting dose will be the lowest number shown under Condition Level 2 for your weight. 

Now find the your CBD product strength below. Using the dosing info above, find the recommended dose for your product. This will tell you what part of a dropper to use as a starting dose.

MG Per Dropper:

  • Our ​3,000mg CBD is 100mg per full dropper

  • 3/4 dropper = 75mg

  • 1/2  dropper = 50mg

  • 1/4  dropper = 25mg

  • Our 1,000mg CBD is 33.3mg per dropper.​

  • 3/4 dropper = 24mg

  • 1/2  dropper = 16mg

  • 1/4  dropper = 8mg

  • Our 500mg CBD is 16.6mg per dropper.​

  • 3/4 dropper = 12mg

  • 1/2  dropper = 8mg

  • 1/4  dropper = 4mg

  • Our 250mg CBD is 8.3mg per dropper.

  • 3/4 dropper = 6mg

  • 1/2  dropper = 4mg

  • 1/4  dropper = 2mg

**For example; you weigh 158 pounds. Your starting dose would be 8mg twice per day.

As you can see...

Our 250mg product is 8.3 mg per dropper so you could use one full dropper as a starting dose.

Our 500mg product is 16.6mg per dropper. Therefore, you will use ½ dropper of that product as a starting dose.

Our 1,000mg  product is 33.3mg per dropper. Therefore you would use 1/4  dropper of that product as a starting dose.

Our ​3,000mg CBD is 100mg per full dropper. This product is for those who need a  dose of at least 25mg (1/4 dropper) or more and have established an effective dose.

We suggest that you follow that dosing for 3 days, taking 2 doses per day (AM & PM) and then re-evaluate how you are feeling. If you feel you are not getting the benefit you desire, you can  then “dose-up” to the next 1/4 dropper for 3 days, repeating as needed until you get the desired benefit.